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A government-approved professional translation agency formed by translators, we guarantee the most reasonable charges!!

Albion Proworks Translation Agency was established by a group of translators who are English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean native speakers. These translators possess a deep understanding of professional translation, having accumulated years of experience working with various local and overseas translation agencies. With the establishment of Albion Proworks Translation Agency, our personal experience comes into full play in the services we provide, offering you professional planning, translation skills and quality control.

Internal quality control mechanism: regulates the standard of final products and offers quality assurance

Thanks to our deep understanding of the translation process, we are able to set up a comprehensive work flow: preparation, talent selection, actual translation, order of translation submissions, in-house proofreading, typesetting and final check. We check our work at every stage and have a set of countermeasures put in place to reduce the probability of errors to the lowest.

Foreign staff members: support communication in both English and Japanese

Our staff are proficient in the English/Japanese language and have the ability to analyse the content of your documents to give you accurate price quotes. We also offer the translation of telephone conversations (e.g. business-related communication with Japanese clients) and instruction manuals in foreign languages.

Services that make new customers feel right at home

Our Translation Service

We are an information-based translation agency with clients from Taiwan, Japan, America and Europe. We offer both enterprises and individuals professional language translation services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and let our professional and friendly staff serve you.

The quality of translation wields considerable influence over the image of your company or yourself

Just like inferior packaging can give customers a negative impression of a product, a company that offers good products and services may suffer from bad reviews due to poor translation. Hence, the quality of translation plays an important role in product marketing.

Translation is a skill-based job

Translation is a extremely skill-based job that draws on the rich knowledge of professional translators and relies on the hard work put in by them. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a task that can be completed simply by feeding text into a translation software.

Purpose and Target Audience of Translated Documents vs Price?

Generally speaking, translation fees are charged only after taking many factors into consideration, including the intended purpose and target audience of the translated documents, and affordable price options are offered based on the different requirements of clients. Therefore, if price is the only factor that you consider in your selection of a translation agency, you are likely to frequently encounter cases of inconsistent quality or inadequate translations.

Effective communication can lower the cost of translation

Clearly stating the purpose and target audience of the translated documents will help translation agencies better understand your needs, offer you accurate and reasonable rates, and help you to choose the translation services you need. For other deals and discounts, please take a look here.

Thoughtful after-sales service and technical support

We offer a one-month-long amendment period

Your satisfaction is important to us. Therefore, although all documents that are delivered into your hands have undergone proofreading and checks, if you have any doubts regarding the content or quality of the translated documents, we will be happy to answer your questions or help you make the necessary amendments.

Free additional/ amendment service

Many a time, we have clients who discover areas in the original content that require correction only after translation has been done, resulting in the need to spend an additional sum on further translation. In view of this, we offer the thoughtful and free amendment service: as long as the content to be amended falls within a reasonable word count, we are most happy to help!






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